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About Ev·ry

Ev·ry focuses on helping people of all ages and abilities experience golf and other lifetime activities. We do this by creating learning and playing opportunities by sponsoring beginner lessons and clinics; sponsoring equipment access for practice and play and providing a platform for celebrating those who enjoy and support these activities.

What we are about

Ease of Access

We make it easy to learn the great game of golf. We work to remove barriers that might prevent people from trying golf for the first time and help make it easier to let people get to the “next” time. We supply equipment, instruction and the facilities. You bring you and we can get started!

Clinics & Programs

We run clinics for those who have never picked up a golf club through to those who are working to make improvements to their game. We expect to continue to expand our clinics as the word of Ev*ry Golf continues to spread. We can also help set-up programs for groups who see golf as a way to get together and learn with friends.


We hosted our inaugural golf scramble in 2021 and included an incredible group of people with abilities ranging from “just starting out” to “awesome”. We will continue to host this event with inclusion in mind. We can also work with you to help set-up inclusive golf events for groups of all sizes and people of all abilities.

Custom Events

We are happy to help work with organizations to plan their own unique golf experiences that focus on inclusion and helping people learn golf. We can assist with custom clinics, support for other events and provide support for you and your efforts of inclusion.

Dan Olson

Ev·ry started in memory of Dan Olson, who passed away in 2021. Dan’s exuberance and inclusive approach to life and golf embodies the work we do. Ev·ry humbly represents all people and our desire to encourage and promote participation without constraint.

Meet The Board

Celeste Olson


When we came up with the idea for Ev·ry, I knew this would be a great platform to do good. Dan’s joy of life and love for people, coupled with his passion for golf will continue on through this charity. I am honored to be leading this great organization. Personally, the journey has given me moments to stop and be thankful for those around me. I am thrilled to continue to offer ways for friends and family to gather through golf. Creating lasting memories and fueling new passions for golf is a great mission for us.

John Olson

John serves as Secretary/Treasurer for Ev·ry. John works as an advisor to executives across a variety of industries and non-profit organizations. John is the Managing Director for Creo Advisors, LLC and serves as a Board Member for the Milwaukee Public Museum. “My brother Dan was passionate about golf. If you played golf, regardless of your ability, you were part of a community of friends. We started Ev·ry to invite people to join the community of friends that form around lifetime sports such as golf.”

Will Young

Will has partnered with EV·RY to ensure new players enjoy their time at the course and have a positive introduction to the game of golf through lessons, fittings, playing along or by just being there to lend a hand. Whether he is teaching or playing, Will’s love for the game of golf is evident in his daily life.

Anna Deforge

Anna is a highly accomplished sports professional as an athlete, Coach, Mentor and entrepreneur focused on creating a healthy culture of positivity by developing and promoting life skills for any (EV·RY) body through sports. As a Wisconsin Basketball Hall of Famer, 2X WNBA All Star, 5X European Champion and 2 X All American at the University of Nebraska, Anna brings talent, tenacity and a new found appreciation for golf to Ev·ry. “I participated in the very first golf clinic and Annual Charity Event held by Ev·ry Golf. It was such a wonderful and impactful experience that I wanted to get involved directly in Ev·ry”s charitable cause and help support and promote making golf more accessible and fun for people of all ages and skill level.

Tom Gerke

Tom is a PGA Golf Professional, and is the Program Director for First Tee –Southeast Wisconsin, overseeing chapter program operations at golf courses, schools and youth centers in the 10 county area. Tom has been teaching golf for over 20 years, having led golf academies in Milwaukee, Madison, and Mexico. Having taught over 10,000 lessons in his career to every level of golfer he particularly enjoys seeing new golfers enter the game. Lastly, Tom is a big fan of the Trailer Park Boys TV Show, for to say.
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