Evry Washington County Play Golf Unincorporated Association

Authorization and Release

As an individual participating in this event with Evry Washington County Play Golf Unincorporated Association (Evry), I agree to the following.

    • I understand and agree that this is a legally binding agreement and that I have the right, power and authority to enter into it.
    • Evry may record and/or reproduce in written form or on audio or video tape, photographs, or other media (including digital media) my participation in the event.
    • I agree that Evry may use my likeness, without needing any further permission from me.
    • I agree that the rights granted to Evry above are given without limitations, are worldwide, and they will apply to any format or manner of use and any means, media or technologies now known or created in the future.  
    • I agree that the rights, permissions and other terms and conditions of this agreement will be perpetual and may not be taken back or revoked by me.

I am of lawful age and of sound mind and have read and understand this Authorization and Release.

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